In this post, I express my heartiest wishes to Amgen, Inc over their outstanding efforts and contributions towards healthcare and medical learning and education. My intension is to present Amgen as a case study to all members of the industry and postulate some finer learning and training aspects and strategies that such initiatives have been able to deliver.

Project 1

The site is developed with best-in-class digital media tools and technologies. Technically, the portal has been designed using high-fidelity Flash technology. The Graphic User Interface has been designed in a dashboard-like style and presents a non-linear learning approach. The portal aims at presenting a comprehensive wealth of knowledge about Oncological Pathways encompassing;

  • Bone Metabolism and Metastases: focus and direction on Rank Ligand
  • Angiogenesis
  • Growth Regulations: Mechanism of Action for diseases like IGF and HGFSF
  • Apoptosis: MOA and extrinsic and intrinsic Pathways
  • Hematopoieses: Endogenous Pathways
  • Personalized Medicine

Major Value-adds:

Videos Based Learning Objects: 3D and 2D videos of animated mechanism of actions present step-by-step illustrated instruction of complex biological processes such as role and action of Angiopoeitins in maturation of blood and lymph vessels and hence their critical role in Tumor Angiogenesis.

Branched Information Presentation: Additional information such as Extrinsic and Intrinsic Pathways of Apoptosis is presented in the form of branched illustrations to prevent information clustering and encourage systematic knowledge flow.

The portal in a excellent way integrates Amgen Products, referred as ‘Amgen Treatment Toolbox’ with the disease-state information. Empowerment knowledge is presented in the form of Support and Advocacy Information through the portal.

Project 2

This portal takes my attention away all together. It is designed to present 2 High-definition versions of the portal as its index. It allows the visitor to choose either a HD version of the portal to load OR a 3D HD version of the portal to select.

To view the 3D version of the portal, one may need to procure special blue/amber color code glasses.

The portal is designed with high-definition Flash technologies and presents the content in a 3-Dimension format.

Major Value-adds:

Navigation: Navigation is designed to be flip-style and includes touch-sensitive horizontal sliders.

Content Types: Majority of the content is 3D. Biological concepts have been designed to be interactive and touch-sensitive.

Branched Content: Illustrated biological objects including animated MOAs, videos, movies deep dwell into the subject areas. Hotspots allow clickable branching navigation into curriculum sub-branches for deeper insights. A well designed navigation and site mapping allows flawless navigation into modules, topics and lessons.

Instructionally, a better treatment and presentation of the content with context to the subject presentation would be the rarest to find.