There are people who want to buy similar products. They just don’t know how your product can help. They want to learn as much as they can prior to talking with a sales rep.

Prior to buying cars, customers spend over 2 months researching models and brands before arriving at a showroom. They download brochures, visit web pages before they actually decide buying their latest mobile phone.

Guess how much research one would put, before purchasing a complex business solution/ product. What is that you offer to help the customer select your product.
Your sales rep will have the chance to demo or feature the product only when either the customer contacts the rep or the rep connects to the customer.

Will you ignore open prospects who are always there, searching, researching and hunting for products? If yes, well the your sales process only gets to hardly 10% of the active customer base at any point of time.

Whats the deal then?


This not only adds as a powerful tool to your marketing arsenal but also initiates a silent-sales cycle much before you even know about it.

Some key areas you may consider in such presales customer trainings are:

* Level of depth: Access the level of features/ details you may want to provide to the customer to make informed decisions.
* Customer Speaks: Include customer testimonials and how each customer benefitted by your product.
* Self-help/ Self-explore: Design functions for your customer to self-explore your product features and benefits.
* Gift them: After they explore your training, gift them with tokens to be redeemed with a sales-rep appointment.
* Comparative Manual: A comparative product manual which maybe downloaded or recieved at the customer email.

There are many such empowering presales widgets that help/ train your customer of how they pride their decision with your product.

Early to train, early to win. Try it to earn it.


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