The year 2009 marked a significant haul of corporate initiatives to move with the sense of budget preservation. There was not much that corporate could do. Most impacted were training budgets and pertinent training initiatives. While I, as a business development professional continuously worked towards helping my healthcare and pharma clients in execution of desired initiatives, even within stringent budget restriction; organizational mid-year plans almost gave no way to training imperitives.

Trainings were largely imparted internally. Worst for corporates that had little internal training infrastructure. Training was barely a part of their year-on plans.

With the advent of 2010 just around the corner, healthcare and pharma companies need to revisit their intermediate plans and re-emphasize on critical training needs. So will they do.

Where is the problem then? Year 2009 plans have been on hold or hibernated. However, these training initiatives have been piling up and as the year 2010 begins, corporates will realize the over-burden of pending critical training tasks. Year 2010 will bring its own wealth of training needs and plans, added with the credited plans of 2009.

How are healthcare/pharma organizations planning to confront this? What mistake did we make in the sluggish year 2009?

With the begining of the economic meltdown, country governances announced practices for restricting funds to be recycled into respective economies.  Even though this proved to be beneficial for economic upliftment of regional economies, it somehow restricted corporate, majorly the SME mind set to roll on with standing plans and needs.

As corporates gear up allocating funds to new plans and needs, there may be several ways corporates can still unwind the pack of hibernated initiatives. With the begining of the new year, and we sincerely hope it to prove prosperous for all, corporates need to refocus on the pending and overloaded last year plans and needs. Partnering with vendors and partners that can help release the addtional task pressure will allow corporates to keep focused on forthcoming needs.

Some intelligent corporates have already understood this method of marking an effective begining of the new year. Such corporates have partnered with preferred vendors during the last months of year 2009 to accomplish left over training tasks. Amongst such corporates are majorly some proactive and foresighted Medical Device Manufacturers, Medical Software providers and Medical Product companies. Good to their foresight that they understand release and launch of newer versions of product during mid-year 2010 and hence the accumulating pressure to achieve associated training demands. It would definitely be a huge relief for such smart corporates to shed of back log of important goals and look forward to newer horizons.

As you plan for 2010,  would you afford overlooking 2009?